Automotive Security Research

The Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) is a non-profit initiative to promote the development of security solutions for automotive products.

​The goals of ASRG are not to produce any products or services, however to support and assist with the development of security solutions in the automotive industry. This will be achieved by focusing 3 main topics, knowledge, networking and collaboration.

5903 Members
43 Locations
80 Meetings
4.0 Years Old


Finding and knowing where to look for information is the first step to understanding problems and proposing informed solutions. By collecting information, and sources of information in a single location, researchers and engineers can be more effective to find the relevant data and information faster. Taking information and transforming it into understanding, is where education plays an important role. Education is the way we create value in ourselves as competencies. It allows a better understanding of the concepts, strategies, and systems which allows for better implementations of solutions.


Having a good network of colleagues in the area of security is very important. Since the area is very wide and has a large range of competencies, it’s not possible to know everything about everything. By knowing where to look or who to call to gain the needed information or competencies fast, allows for better reactions to events, implementation strategies and safer environments for everyone.


Allowing for an environment where you can work together to research new and exciting fields of interest and create meaningful reults with are able to be shared with the industry through white papers, presentations and workshops. ASRG promotes collarboration and project teams by enabling research to be successful by offering resources, knowledge and mentorship.