ASRG | PROJECTS Member Portal


Status: In Progress

ASRG is built for the members, and by the members. This includes our website and applications running in the background. The Member Portal brings all ASRG resources into one spot to be made available to our members. Be a part of the core operations team, responsible for: - Building and Maintaining the Website - Automation of Operations/Functions - IT Service Administration

Automotive Security Intelligence Platform


Status: In Progress

This project focuses on changing the perception of sharing automotive related security intelligence. We will disrupt the market by offering free open source intelligence specific for the automotive industry. Goals: - Generate a automotive security threat intelligence feed which includes all related threats for the automotive industry. - API functionality to allow integration to existing threat management or SEIM systems. - Develop concept for suppliers to provide threat intelligence. - Encourage information sharing.

ASRG Academic Network


Status: In Progress

The ASRG is building the Academic Network to bridge industry and academia. We're working on building a template to create "Academic Societies" at Universities around the world to bring resources to student groups and facilitate their research. Further, we pair Academic Societies with a local chapter to support collaboration between professionals, hackers, and academics. To best equip academic societies, we're building a learning platform so that students can gain access to educational resources in the space. The Academic Network also includes "Technical Committees", or groups of experts from industry and academia that provide solutions to challenges in the space.