ASRG Members

What does being an
ASRG Member mean?

There are no requirements or responsibilities that come with membership. This group is for you, to enable you to do more in the automotive security world. It can mean as little as receiving our emails, or coming to local events, to presenting in the meetings, doing sponsored research or managing your own ASRG location. This group is what you make it. Best of all, ASRG is free to all individuals.

The Why

Why become an ASRG Member?

ASRG was started to support the automotive industries most important assets; students, engineers, management, hackers, and most importantly, you.  The more you know, the better solutions can be generated for automotive products.


Meet new people that are also a part of the automotive security community. This will help initiate discussions (non-proprietary) regarding problems, solutions, where to find information, experiences with suppliers and so on.

Access to Shared Information

We collect resources, that will help you learn more about security in the automotive industry. ‌

Project Support and Resources

We like to support projects and generate presentations and papers regarding automotive security research. ASRG can support your own private projects by offering mentorship, access to project tools and resources as well as funding.

The How

How to become an ASRG Member?

Becoming is as easy as 1, 2… well just 1.  All you need to do is fill out the registration and confirm your email address.  All Done.  You are now a part of the community and can access the member portal. There are no costs for membership.

Member Benefits

  • Access to the Member Portal
  • Newsletters
  • Automotive Security related Intelligence (in Member Portal)
  • Discounts to tools, software and everything needed

Be more Involved…

Being a member is just the beginning there are many ways to get deeper involved and make impact on the industry.  

  1. Become a Leader, Start a Location
  2. Analyse Intelligence
  3. Collaborate in a Project

There is
no ASRG near me,
can I start a new location?

There is no ASRG near me,
can I start a new location?

Of course. The point of ASRG is to enable people to do more and if you think a location in your area makes sense, then let’s do it. We can provide a ready made platform which can be used to start ASRG almost anywhere. Just send us an E-Mail and we can start to discuss the specifics.