The idea behind knowledge at ASRG, is that we want to make sure that everyone has the same basis of information. Every employee, researcher, or student are performing the same activities, looking for the applicable information for their focus. ASRG has just collected this information in one place, categorized it, and made it available. We are building the first community knowledge base for automotive security.

We believe that the first challenge in understanding any topic, is to be able to find the right information at the needed time. Here we are making sure that everyone has access to the information, or where to find it.

As always, this knowledge base will continue to build overtime and we need your support. Please feel free to contribute events, documents, presentations and so on. This will help others find the necessary information needed to make automotive products more secure.

©2022 ASRG is operated for the good of products everywhere and the people that drive them.


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