Why do we do this?

For the greater good of the product 

Security technologies are well developed and continue to make progress, but this is not the focus of ASRG.  We focus on the largest threat to security in automotive, the people.  If you consider the entire supply chain of including security in vehicles, it starts with the people, the engineers, the management, and the company.  It’s easy to just say that we need to have the most secure car in the world, but the costs of an implementation would be more than government supported institutions can afford.  The expertise comes when determining what level or which security related solutions are required to ensure that the public and private assets are sufficiently protected over the life of the product.  To do security in automotive correctly, it’s important to understand why someone needs security, what are you trying to protect, understanding the threats to those assets and how it can affect the company, create a security concept, and ultimately implementation and validation.  Plus, we should not forget about after the product development is finished and operating in the field as well as decommissioning / end of life.  The point here is, what happens before the driver steps into his/her new vehicle is critical to ensuring that the vehicle will function as expected.  

It is the utmost importance to ensure that the people from the bottom up, have the competencies that they need to ensure that they are giving the best information and recommendations to their managers, integrating the solutions correctly and constantly monitoring the environment that the product is operating. We want to make sure that the people doing the work, have the resources they need to make the best decisions, and provide accurate and timely information.

We focus on the working level.  

We don’t allow sponsors or private money to influence the decision-making progress which could impact the value for members.