Secure Biometrics in Vehicles – Theory & Case Study


Join us for our upcoming ASRG-WORLD LiveStream, the global online (COVID19 Approved) version of ASRG. This time we have the pleasure of hosting Dan Murdock (Chief Architect Connected Transport at Irdeto). During this presentation we will get a brief introduction to biometrics and different modalities with an overview of biometric use cases in vehicles. We will also talk about metrics […]

VehicleLang: a modeling language for automotive cybersecurity


VehicleLang is a probabilistic modeling and simulation language for automotive cybersecurity. More specifically, it is a DSL (Domain Specific Language) created with MAL (Meta Attack Language), a framework for designing attack and defense graphs. VehicleLang can be used with SecuriCAD, a graphical modeling tool, to build models and run attack simulations in order to calculate risk exposure and identify weak […]

Security Risk Assessments – Methods, Practical Experience and Best-Practice Solutions


The presentation provides motivation for security risk assessments in the Automotive development lifecycle and gives a quick overview of security risk assessment methods in general. The Modular Risk Assessment (MoRA) method is then shown in greater detail. Finally, practical experience with typical challenges and best-practice solutions to these challenges is presented. Presenter Slide: Prof. Dr. Christoph Krauß_Security Risk Assessments – […]

Security and Privacy of Electric Mobility – Threats and possible Solutions


PRESENTATION: "Security and Privacy of Electric Mobility - Threats and possible Solutions" In this webinar we will learn about security and privacy threats to electric mobility, as well as possible security solutions. First, Christoph presents the current state of the art. This includes the actuators involved, communication relationships, and protocols used. Then, we discuss possible threats and shortcomings in terms […]

Detroit Nov 13th Car Hackers Meetup – Come Hack BH’s New Mach E!

REGISTER HERE: Original meetup link from Robert Leale: Cross posting in partnership with Robert Leale. Come network with fellow automotive security professionals and hackers in the Metro Detroit area. Plus, Block Harbor will be bringing their BRAND NEW RESEARCH MACH E to let you hack on (if you brick it, we'll be sad, but not that sad). Original meetup […]

Safety Integrity vs Cybersecurity Assurance Levels


Security and safety levels are needed due to two reasons: they are not binary attributes, where a system can be either safe or unsafe, or secure and un-secure, and also due to increased product complexity and costs associated with it, which requires different degrees of engineering effort. From cross-industry SILs (Safety Integrity Levels) to Automotive SILs (ASILs), through military DALs […]

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