Community-Driven Threat Catalog


The pressure on the automotive industry is growing due to the ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE R155. There is not much time left to implement a comprehensive modeling of vehicle threats to perform compliant TARAs. In our free webinar, we will demonstrate our community-driven threat catalog, which contains various reusable threat classes that will help you to speed up your next […]

Charge my car for free! Forever!


PRESENTATION: "Charge my car for free! Forever!" Current trends show that electric cars and green energy, especially photo-voltaic energy, are being widely adopted in both commercial and home user markets. During this talk, we will see that they suffer from typical "rush to market" problems that can potentially allow a remote attacker to control them. This could lead to free […]

Fuzz Testing Automotive Software With Dependencies


The Context: The new ISO/SAE 21434 increases the requirement for security testing in the automotive domain. Car manufacturers must now provide advanced security tests for each software component, as part of the validation process. This includes either, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and/or fuzz testing. But especially the early adoption of fuzz testing is currently becoming best practice among German car […]


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