Powersports and Recreational Vehicle Networks

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  • When: June 17, 2021 | 6 p.m. Central European Summer Time(UTC+02)

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    Who: Derrick Thiecke Vehicle Reverse Engineer at CANbusHack

    Powersports and Recreational Vehicle Networks

    Let's take a dive into the often overlooked world of powersports and recreational vehicles; their controller networks, their SAE/ISO standards... or lack thereof, and the security surrounding them. Cars have shared the road with their two wheel counterparts for over 100 years, and most major motorcycle manufacturers have implemented CAN on their vehicles for nearly 20 years, but the security world seems to show little to no interest in the powersports industry. I'm here to change that. What does a motorcycle vehicle network comprise of, and what have manufacturers put on the table for the future of motorcycles? Will motorcycles survive the demise of combustion engines, and will they survive the rise of self driving vehicles?

    About the Presenter:

    Derrick works as a vehicle reverse engineer in the Detroit metropolitan area, where he found himself after spending over a decade in the corporate IT world of the San Francisco bay area. He's worked for and with some of the biggest names in the US recreational vehicle industry, from aircraft to motorcycles. When Derrick isn't data dumping ROM chips, scouring through vehicle log data, or fuzzing CAN networks, he can be found as a brief blur passing you on the highway.

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