Automotive Cybersecurity for engineers with functional safety background

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  • When: April 1, 2021 | 6 p.m. Central European Summer Time(UTC+02)

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    Who: Bogdan Gradinaru Head of Cybersecurity at ClockworX GmbH

    Automotive Cybersecurity for engineers with functional safety background

    Though UNECE due dates for CSMS (Cyber Security Management System) Certificate, and implicitly ISO/SAE 21434 compliance, are tough, it can be easier achieved for an organization where a quality management system or ideally an ISO 26262 process is in place. One of the essential features of ISO/SAE 21434 is that it builds up on top of existing quality and safety development practices. Technically speaking, there are many similarities between the two ISO standards: > both uses risk-based approaches and scale the development effort based on assurance levels assigned to those risks (ASIL for Functional Safety, CAL for Cybersecurity), > both uses similar risk assessment methodologies (HARA for Functional Safety, TARA for Cybersecurity) > both hardly relies on V-model and require similar development and test procedures (for equivalent “assurance levels”) > management activities, along with assessment and audit schemes are also very similar, if not the same Where they differ, is that Cybersecurity emphasizes on after-development product lifecycle (continuous monitoring) and protection of information. Functional Safety focuses rather on functionality, whereas Cybersecurity on valuable assets for the stakeholders. CSMS as a compulsory requirement for the Type Approval will impact the automotive industry in the way that will raise Cybersecurity awareness among stakeholders and will compel them to cooperate and collaborate more on development of car functionalities.

    About the Presenter:

    Bogdan studied electronics in Iasi, Romania and has over 14 years’ experience in embedded systems programming. Since seven years he has been a functional safety expert, mainly in the automotive industry, but also for railway and machinery industries, where he tackled a wide range of aspects, like assessments, audits, coaching and trainings as well as management and engineering consulting. clockworkX GmbH is a small start-up having around 10 employees, focused on 2 areas of activities: safe/secure systems and predictive/reliable operations. It’s main areas of activities are customer consultancy, mainly in the automotive domain, but also in railway, medical and renewable energy industry fields, and tool-supported predictive maintenance. At clockworkX Bodgan is the Head of Cybersecurity, consulting customers mainly on projects related to risk assessments, TARA and cybersecurity management. His personal interests consist of journalism and socio-politics lectures, which also determined his passion to organize trainings, discussion sessions, to share ideas and to teach other people.

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