A New Approach to Fuzzing

  • When: Feb. 23, 2021 | noon Eastern Standard Time (North America)(UTC−05)

    Where: placeholder

    Who: Thomas Leifert Business Development Manager at Keysight Technologies

    A New Approach to Fuzzing

    While fuzzing is not new, it can be a pain to create a suitable fuzzing model for a communication protocol. Most modern vehicles have one thing in common, using modern wireless communication technologies in one or more flavors. Amongst the most popular, Bluetooth Low Energy as well as WiFi are present in most cases. Let’s have a look what can be done differently.

    About the Presenter:

    Thomas Leifert, BDM – Diploma in Electronics Engineering / Communications Technology from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. His background in RF and protocol engineering with a focus on wireless communications, gives him a depth of understanding in over-the-air attacks. Focused on enabling the automotive industry in implementing safe communication technologies for many years, Thomas now leads the global automotive cybersecurity business in Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Solutions group.

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