Autonomous Vehicle Security Technology

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  • When: Feb. 11, 2021 | noon Eastern Standard Time (North America)(UTC−05)

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    Who: Mehrdad Toofan VP of Technology at Nano IC

    Autonomous Vehicle Security Technology

    The basis for "Nano IC" technology are two complex ASIC devices which utilize symmetric encryption engines onboard. After reviewing the technology concept behind our technology, the presentation demonstrates on how Nano IC technology could be used to address 6 different automobile security concerns, namely: 1. Preventing Digital Car Hacking 2. Secure Operation and Opening of a Car 3. Secure Operation of Actuators 4. Preventing Car Thefts 5. Safeguarding critical car components against counterfeiting 6. Secure Remote Access and Control of a Car

    About the Presenter:

    Founder of Nano IC. Mehrdad holds a MS degree in EE from UCD and has more than 30 years of experience in ASIC and chip design. He has been responsible for architecting/design of at least ten complex and demanding ASIC devices (using  down to 90 nm technologies) covering a wide spectrum of disciplines such as DSP implementation, math processor, micro-processor, I2C, Optical Networking and telecommunication. He is familiar with a variety of CAD tools and programming languages. Mehrdad is the author of three US patents, two of which are the basis for the current technology at “Nano IC” and security for the cars.

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