Attacking SoCs by side-channel or laser fault injection: a Graal's quest

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  • When: March 4, 2021 | 6 p.m. Central European Time(UTC+01)

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    Who: Hugues Thiebeauld CEO and Founder at EShard

    Attacking SoCs by side-channel or laser fault injection: a Graal's quest

    To make a successful side-channel or laser fault injection analysis on a SoC, you need to overcome a number of obstacles. This talk provides some illustrations based on practical experiences on real mobile or IoT devices. More particularly, the focus is made on integrated AES with the aim to extract the secret key. It highlights where technical challenges are and some methods to tackle them: creating the conditions of measurements by tuning the SoC device, manage the trigger, facing a complex execution, explore and find the optimal set of parameters, including the location through the vast surface of the die, and finally successfully implement the attack to extract the secret key. The quest is rarely simple, but at the end the result may be worthwhile, since the secret key is exposed.

    About the Presenter:

    Hugues is the CEO and founder of eShard. Previously Hugues was security laboratory director at Underwriters Laboratory. He has a long track record expertise in practical attack techniques, such as cryptography side-channel or fault injection. He has been involved in a high number of security evaluations of banking, eGovernment or telecom products. In 2015, he founded eShard, a company providing software and expertise services to better manage the security in connected or mobile devices. The flagship product, esDynamic, is a modern platform empowering the experts to manage and expand their security analyses.

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