Security Testing - From TARA, Test Coverage and Regression Strategies

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  • When: Jan. 28, 2021 | 6 p.m. Central European Time(UTC+01)

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    Who: Dr. Christof Ebert Managing Director at Vector Consulting Services GmbH

    Security Testing - From TARA, Test Coverage and Regression Strategies

    Cybersecurity is indispensable. The annual Vector client survey has pushed it as a top challenge. Security must be integrated to the life-cycle of product development and also after-market services. This webinar introduces security testing, and how to make it efficient. Security verification and validation must combine a variety of techniques from static analysis to fuzzing and PenTest. While brute-force testing might sound appealing and easy to apply for detection of weakness at any place, it is expensive, inefficient and time consuming. Grey-box security testing starts with a mini-TARA and on this basis, we identify the attack vectors and focus our testing based on identified assets and risks. By this way we provide the system owners/manufacturers efficient, effective and foreseeable results in a shorter time range. The described cybersecurity testing provides several advantages, namely Risk-based testing with a tailored and thus efficient grey-box methodology Easy to understand, asset related results with a clear structure Prioritized list of findings based on the impact categories In this industry practice presentation, we will show practical usage. An industry case study from the medical domain will illustrate hands-on how to secure products, both for new and legacy architectures.

    About the Presenter:

    Dr. Christof Ebert is the Managing Director of Vector Consulting Services. A trusted advisor for companies and member of industry boards, he supports clients worldwide in strategy, product development and agile transformation. Prior to that, he had senior management positions for twelve years with a global IT market leader. While studying in the USA he faced the Morris worm, and ever since contributed to cybersecurity, most recently with advancing PenTest. Follow Christof on Twitter: @ChristofEbert. Contact him at [email protected]

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