12 Myths of Automotive Cybersecurity

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  • When: Jan. 7, 2021 | 6 p.m. Central European Summer Time(UTC+02)

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    Who: Russ Bielawski Field Application Engineer at GuardKnox

    12 Myths of Automotive Cybersecurity

    The 12 Myths of Automotive Cybersecurity is a lighthearted skewering of some enduring security “misconceptions,” particularly within the automotive industry. The broad stroke is that cybersecurity must be an ongoing engineering effort (secure by design), holistic, and a deterministic process. While not pitched in the talk (mostly), GuardKnox, coming from defense aviation, provides secure, flexible & scalable solutions that enable added connectivity, Zonal E/E Architecture, application hosting, high-speed routing, and vehicle personalization over the air.

    About the Presenter:

    Russ Bielawski is a Field Application Engineer at GuardKnox. Russ has fifteen years’ experience creating robust and secure automotive electronics and platform software. He has a Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Since 2013, Russ has been working on embedded and cyber-physical systems security in the automotive industry. His work on embedded systems security has previously been published at the USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technology (WOOT) and, as an author of the original Uptane design, ESCAR Europe.

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