An Overview of Privacy-Preserving Credential Management for V2X Communication

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  • When: Oct. 8, 2020 | 6 p.m. Central Europian Summer Time(UTC+02)

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    Who: Kevin Henry Senior Security Consultant at Escrypt Inc.

    An Overview of Privacy-Preserving Credential Management for V2X Communication

    V2X refers to “vehicle-to-everything” communication, and enables vehicles on the road to wirelessly exchange sensor information with other road users and infrastructure. The exchange of basic telemetry information can allow vehicles to detect and prevent unsafe situations on the road, and may potentially prompt automated responses from the vehicle. Exchange of infrastructure message, such as the phase and timing of traffic lights, can facilitate increased efficiency on the road, leading to lower fuel usage and emissions. In order for V2X messaging to be useful, it is paramount that messages can be trusted by other road users. This presentation will provide an overview of the Security Credential Management System (SCMS) that has been proposed as a standard to secure V2X messaging. The SCMS is similar to other PKIs used on the Internet, but has extra mechanisms built in to facilitate privacy and prevent the tracking of individual road users, and has been optimized to keep credentials and safety-related messages small, maximizing the potential use of limited bandwidth

    About the Presenter:

    Kevin Henry holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Brandon University, and an M.Math and Ph.D from the University of Waterloo, where he was a member of the Cryptography, Security, and Privacy Lab. His graduate research spanned a range of topics including voter-verifiable elections, distributed consensus algorithms, homomorphic cryptography and its use in privacy-preserving protocols, and a variety of security-related topics in wireless sensor networks. After graduating, Kevin joined Trustpoint Innovation, where he worked on guiding and implementing connected vehicle standards. Since TrustPoint’s acquisition by ESCRYPT, Kevin has continued to work in connected vehicle security as a member of the consulting team, where he focuses on V2X applications and embedded automotive security. He has a continued interest in security research, particularly in privacy-related applications, and hopes to continue driving the field forward as connected vehicle applications mature.

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