Lessons Learned from IT & ICS/SCADA Cyber–Security Applied to Automotive

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  • When: April 23, 2020 | 6 p.m. Central European Summer Time(UTC+02)

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    Who: Gilad Bandel VP Product and Marketing at Arilou Automotive Cyber-Security

    Lessons Learned from IT & ICS/SCADA Cyber–Security Applied to Automotive

    The thesis presented here is that we can look back at three (not so) very different computing and network environments, study and analyze their histories and conclude what is expected to come in a new field. Specifically, we shall review the analogies between the IT (Information Technologies) networks, OT (Operational Technologies) – ICS (Industrial Control System)/SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and the automotive cyber–security protection solutions trying to anticipate the future of the automotive cyber–security market based on similarities from the IT and ICS/SCADA behavior. The claim is that history will repeat itself and we can safely investigate the distant past of the IT world, the more recent ICS/SCADA fields, review the status of the automotive cyber-security and predict the future of things to come in this discipline. Furthermore, the trends foreseen here will be probably valid for additional emerging fields such as other transportation fields (railways, maritime and aviation), IoT (Internet of Things), IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Smart cities, Intelligent Transportation Systems, etc.

    About the Presenter:

    Gilad drives Arilou’s automotive cyber-security product development. His focus is on delivering unique, innovative and novel functionality - delivering to market state-of-the-art solutions for in-vehicle cyber-security protection. Gilad is an accomplished executive with over 30 years of experience in the cyber-security and networking industries. Having covered markets in Europe, America and the APAC region, Gilad is a renowned expert in conceptualizing and developing go-to-market strategies. He specializes in business development for cyber-security devices and IoT solutions, in critical infrastructure and homeland security markets. Prior to joining Arilou, Gilad served as VP of Product at Radiflow and as Director of Product Management at CyberSeal (a Magal Security company). His goal was to provide cyber-security solutions for critical infrastructure. Earlier positions held include VP of R&D, and CTO at leading networking, telecommunication and homeland security companies.

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