Secure Code Warrior

ASRG members have access to the Secure Code Warrior Platform for FREE. Code: Conditions: You must be a registered ASRG Member. You must register on the Secure Code Warrior Platform through the above link. About the Training: The Secure Code Warrior Learning Platform guides each coder through their own preferred learning pathway, so that they […]

Training Platform

Take your career to the next level. Access hands-on, interactive cybersecurity training for free when you join the RangeForce Community Edition. No contract. No commitment. RangeForce is the trusted cyber skills training solution for thousands of acting and aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Start your RangeForce journey and stay up-to-date on critical security skills to better defend […]

Automotive Cybersecurity Training Course<

Automotive Cybersecurity Training — cybersecurity applied to automotive embedded systems — is a 3-day course where participants discuss fundamentals of embedded systems and applications of cybersecurity in vehicles to illustrate unique vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited.

Embedded Systems Security for Automotive

The Embedded Security for Automotive is brought to you by embedded device security veterans, with years of expertise in securing payment and content protection application. In this training you will look at an automotive solution from an attacker’s perspective. You will identify ways to apply this knowledge to your product and make it more robust. […]