Automotive Security Research Group selects ThreatQuotient

Security Brief, April 23rd, 2021

ThreatQuotient is throwing its weight behind the development of automotive cybersecurity, specifically threat intelligence sharing for automotive products.

The Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG), a nonprofit group comprised of more than 6000 members, will use ThreatQuotient’s ThreatQ threat intelligenceplatform across the industry.

ThreatQuotient points out that the automotive industry is well behind other industries in terms of developing cybersecurity and data security solutions for automotiveproducts.

Despite the lag, automotive manufacturers all have the same security goals – and threat intelligence data will help to strengthen cybersecurity across a large usercommunity.

According to ASRG founder John Heldreth, the partnership is a step in the right direction to facilitating ASRG’s cyber threat intelligence strategy.

“The growth of technology’s role in the automotive industry has prompted the need to focus attention on cybersecurity. The more information that engineers anddevelopers have regarding the products they are developing and their operating environments, the better implementation and more secure solutions can be expected;engineers and developers will have the opportunity to access shared information through ThreatQ that will enhance the industry’s security.”

ThreatQuotient’s ThreatQ platform delivers granular controls over what, when and how much data is shared. ASRG members can share and receive insights fromother members in the group.

ThreatQuotient CTI advisor and CEE regional manager Markus Auer says that ASRG’s goal is to reduce vulnerabilities across their products and to provide a secureplatform for intelligence sharing.

“We share ASRG’s vision for solving the global challenge of using threat intelligence more constructively across multiple use cases, which is larger than any onecompany or solution. We look forward to the positive impact ASRG will have on security in the automotive industry.”


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