ASRG Works with Cybellum

The Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) announced its partnership with Cybellum, a leader in Automotive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

This partnership will support the members and goals of ASRG, specifically the development of an open vulnerability management platform for automotive products. The new platform will assist the community by allowing access to knowledge on current and past vulnerabilities including a responsible disclosure program.

“We need to partner with experts like Cybellum to enhance our members’ knowledge on how to identify potential risks in their products and provide the most secure solutions available,” said John Heldreth, Founder of ASRG. “Through our partners program, we empower our members to keep up with industry innovation and challenges. Access to innovative solution providers like Cybellum allows our members to enhance their vulnerability management operations, stay informed of relevant cybersecurity threats, and align their organization with the latest technology developments.”

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