Milestones and Timeline

ASRG started as a masters work regarding how security for automotive products will change the industry from a business perspective. One of the outcomes of this research was that the goals of security are the same across all the different automotive manufactures and even across different products. Since, we all have the same or similar goals and development process models, knowledge could or should be non-OEM specific besides the implementation strategy. 

So I searched in Stuttgart, Germany for a group that would help me learn, understand and network with individuals who are also interested, involved or implementing security solutions for the automotive market. Surprisingly, I didn’t find any groups, communities or meetings that were addressing the topic… so I made one. In August 2017, ASRG-S had the first meeting in a small rented meeting room in Stuttgart West. 12 People attended, giving insights and generating ideas of how to go forward and what was important to them. This was the basis for the development of the mission statement and goals of the organization. From then on, we have been meeting every month, organizing events, contributing and brainstorming ways to support the goals and create value for its members and sponsors.

  • 07.2017: Founded as MeetUp Group in Stuttgart, Germany
  • 08.2017: First ASRG Meeting in Stuttgart, Germany
  • 08.2018: Established as US Non-Profit Company
  • 09.2018: Detroit Founded (ASRG-D)
  • 02.2019: Cluj Founded (ASRG-C)
  • 04.2019: 1000 Members
  • 05.2019: Partnered with Auto-ISAC
  • 06.2019: Tel-Aviv Founded (ASRG-TLV)
  • 09.2019: Singapore Founded (ASRG-SIN)
  • 10.2019: Munich Founded (ASRG-MUC)
  • 12.2019: 2000 Members
  • 01.2020: Berlin Founded (ASRG-BER)