The success of ASRG is due to the efforts of the community.  However, there is a group of individuals who make the extra effort and dedicate their time to the cause.  These individuals are the core team that drives ASRG’s objectives which ultimately builds value for the community. 

Get Involved!

Become a part of the team, promote and engage in the community.  If you are interested to get involved with ASRG, please reach out to us here.

Management Team

The management team is the top level of our organization, who is responsible for driving the strategy and objectives of the community and organization.  These are the people that make this all possible. 

John Heldreth

John is an experienced engineer, entrepreneur and security evangelist in the automotive industry.  Driven by knowledge and creating solutions for business and engineering problems, he takes pride in providing solutions based on innovation. Outside of his daily work as Founder and CEO of ASRG, he is the Product Security Lead at Porsche Engineering, where he has built up the internal and external product security services and product portfolio.  He has a Engineering Technology degree from Purdue University, a Masters in Business Administration from German Graduate Studies and currently resides in Stuttgart, Germany.

Brandon Barry

CISSP, Sc.B Computer Engineering, Brown University

After focusing on automotive security in academic research and getting involved with major automakers as cybersecurity became a critical concern, Brandon founded Block Harbor on principles of cyber-physical security to provide in-demand services to the automotive industry. Brandon further serves the industry as the North America lead for the Automotive Security Research Group, a community-driven non profit with 40+ chapters around the globe and 6000+ members. He has placed first place in DEF CON’s Car Hacking Village Capture the Flag competition. 

Dr. Ikjot Saini

Dr. Ikjot Saini is a researcher, an educator and a leader in the field of automotive cybersecurity. She is co-director of SHIELD automotive cybersecurity Centre of Excellence and an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Windsor. As a doctoral candidate herself, in automotive cybersecurity, with focus on privacy in connected vehicles, she realized the need of a community that attracts, encourages, supports and retains the young talent in this exciting field. To fulfil this mission, she is currently serving as Academic Director of ASRG and also leading the chapter at Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Saini is a leading voice promoting women’s participation and leadership. She is currently serving as Academic Chair on Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Ontario Professional Affiliate Board. As a researcher, she likes to investigate the research problems by keeping the society at heart of the solution. In her field, it means security, privacy and safety. She has published journal and conference articles on V2X privacy schemes, engineering privacy attacks for equitable assessment, DSRC network congestion and routing protocols. 

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