Industry Challenges

  • The future of cars will be connected and rely increasingly on software. 
  • The automotive industry is trying to identify solutions to ensure secure mobility.
  • Today, there is no open community to allow automotive security professionals to solve problems, together. 
  • Everyone has the same goals for security, the only difference is how a company determines their risk and implements solutions.

ASRG Mission Statement

At ASRG, we strive to improve the security of vehicles by:

  • enabling the people developing vehicles to have the correct knowledge, networking and competencies to identify and implement security solutions into vehicles.
  • open awareness of security issues in vehicles.
  • challenge the industry to have a responsible and positive security posture.

ASRG Goals

  1. Research projects on publicly available vehicles, infrastructure and supporting backend systems.
  2. Information sharing concerning existing automotive security problems, solutions, products and technology. 
  3. Create meaningful results to be shared with the public in a controlled manner.
  4. Create a community of shared resources and networking.
  5. Remove or reduce the barrier of entry in Automotive Security.

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